I Registered Some Bad gTLDs

Being fairly new to the domaining world, and having never participated in buying domain names during the launch of a new top level domain, I committed a very big rookie mistake. Seeing that many dictionary words are available for each new gTLD, I immediately thought I should jump at the opportunity to purchase these names, simply because they were one-word dictionary words. The problem is that costs will add up fast – there are almost a limitless supply of domains that one can purchase, and if not controlled, one can end up spending tens of thousands of dollars on otherwise worthless domains. These are domains that will never sell for more than their registration fee.

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New Uniregistry Video

Uniregistry posted a new commercial on Youtube (which I found out about on I think it is good that a registry has put out a commercial that can convey the value of their new gTLD offerings. This is the type of marketing that needs to be done if any of these registries intend on being successful. I like the video and feel it does a decent job of getting the message across.

Things I think they could have done better:

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It’s Getting Harder to Get Pre-Ordered Domains

It seems that the hype of the new gTLDs is starting to gain momentum. In the first few gTLD launches, like .photography, .equipment, .construction, and even .sexy, many names were available during GA. Now, I am seeing more and more of the domains that I’ve pre-ordered get registered during EAP by other people.

I don’t think this has anything to do with public acceptance of the gTLDs – rather, I think more domain investors are realizing that they stand a better chance of getting something good during EAP than if they wait for GA. I also picked up a couple of good names during EAP (but then again, I am currently not doing it for investment, but rather web business building).

I think this is risky because we still do not know what the value of these domains are and we surely do not know which will be successful. A lot of domain bloggers have mentioned the fact that a lot of new domainers will enter the world of domain investing because of the new gTLDs, and many will lose a lot of money investing in bad domains, thinking that just because it is a dictionary word, it must be valuable. I feel bad for those people and hope they see this for what it is before it is too late. There is a reason that many dictionary word domains are still available during GA – they suck (to put it bluntly).