New Uniregistry Video

Uniregistry posted a new commercial on Youtube (which I found out about on I think it is good that a registry has put out a commercial that can convey the value of their new gTLD offerings. This is the type of marketing that needs to be done if any of these registries intend on being successful. I like the video and feel it does a decent job of getting the message across.

Things I think they could have done better:

  1. One of the main assertions by Uniregistry is that “Sexy can describe people, fashion, cars…or virtually every aspect of human endeavor”. I really think that to drive this point home they could have put a different example in the video instead of a model, i.e. do something more clever if you want people to understand that there are opportunities to use it for more than just the obvious.
  2. They could have continued the marketing campaign by actually putting content on the two domains featured in the video.
  3. This is more of an overall registry criticism, but the fact that the video features a woman who registers her name ( is telling people that this is a good place to register their; however, if you check, quite a few women’s names are reserved by Uniregistry. In fact, none that I checked are available. I think that by reserving certain names, some registries are hurting themselves because it prevents people from legitimately developing sites that would actually bolster the image of the registry (and gTLDs overall). I am not saying they shouldn’t reserve some names, but it just feels like they decided to take all the names they felt were really good, without regard to whether those names would serve them better if registered by customers.Then again, I guess they could be holding them with a plan for end users to obtain them, rather than allowing investors to grab them. We will see.